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First step of a romantic dance (6 months before) – A unique moment

When I first began seeking for my dreamy wedding gown, I never imagined that if I ended chosing a handmade dress, it would include such a beautiful and creative procedure. On entering the Victoria Kyriakides atelier, I could already feel the warm vibes. The atelier is located in Kolonaki, downtown Athens, and everything gives you the impression of an art space from another era. Each single item and décor is chosen by the designer herself, creating a cozy vintage-esque feeling that makes you want to stay there for hours.

I was able to discuss all the wedding details, in order to create the right dress for the occasion, taking into consideration every aspect of the event, including place, season and above all, my feelings. Every dress I tried on, felt as light as air, while the texture of the silk against my skin gave me a dreamy feeling! We tried several dresses, went through many lace samples and finally we came down to the basic design from the collection, featuring my choice of fabrics in order to literally sculpt the dress’ core, according to my silhouette and personality.

Waiting for the beginning (5-4 months before)

Right after that first appointment I couldn’t wait for the first fitting, which was scheduled in about two months from the choice of fabrics and laces. The materials, are handmade and authentic, sewed in France especially for the V.K. fashion house- so, it takes some time for the Victoria Kyriakides team to create those magnificent designs. I could have never imagined this creative procedure, had so much backstage preparation in order for me to have my first bridal fitting!

The first fitting finally begins! My dress, is made of toile for the first measures to be input and molded into the final form. It took the stuff one whole week to create the basic line, by hand so I can start to choose the form of the design in order to perfectly fit my figure and body movement, as the designer herself told me.

Dreaming of the next time (3 months before)

The sweet waiting came to an end and we were about to move onto the second fitting. This time we would work on the actual core of the wedding dress, made of pure silk. Victoria Kyriakides herself uses the moulage technique in order to improve every single detail and personally supervise every aspect of the bridal dress in her own unique way.

One more step (almost 2 months before)

Another month has gone by and all the extra material from France has arrived to find its place on my dress. I am about to have my 3rd fitting! The dress seems almost ready to wear, but clearly it is not! It still has to go under tremendous modifications and by hand embellishments, before it is completed. The final fitting will take place in about… one month from now!

Don’t want it to be over… but! (7-15 days before) – The final fitting

So, here I am! At my final fitting, counting down the days! Only a few minor details are left to be adjusted and my wedding gown will be ready for the big moment! The final magic twists that will complement this real work of art designed and created by V.K., are finding their own special place on my personalized gown, that will dress the most beautiful moment of my life, shared with my soul mate. The creative story behind my dress is step by step reaching its end. I feel happy and sad in the same time. I wish it lasted longer, I admit!

The dance of romance/ To be loved  / a love story begins (1 hour before)

The big day has come. My wedding day! Everything is perfect. My breath- taking bridal gown is ready for me to wear and impress everyone. My best friends help me slip into the dress, in the careful way Victoria Kyriakides has shown us. I am now set to go- with one and only wish: to steal his heart for the second time!