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Get ready to fall in love once again with the Island of Mykonos in case you have already been there, or to experience love at first sight for those of you who haven’t. Irene and Pericles shared with us their stunning photos from their destination wedding in the island of Eros. final1The Island has some of the most amazingly photogenic spots in the world and the photographer shot the Couple and Leo, their loyal golden retriever, in some of them during their wedding day, a Saturday the 8th of September! final2Irene’s wedding gown was designed by Victoria Kyriakides to suit the Mediterranean climate, with a low cut back and the use featherweight fabric details to give the desired ethereal silhouette impression. final3 final4“…Follow me now, to a place you only dream of…” *

Happy Valentines Day!

*(Lyrics from song Underwater Love by Smoke City)